Titanium TechLiner Grid Pen -- Tessellation LE (Tumbled)
Titanium TechLiner Grid Pen -- Tessellation LE (Tumbled)
Titanium TechLiner Grid Pen -- Tessellation LE (Tumbled)
Titanium TechLiner Grid Pen -- Tessellation LE (Tumbled)

Titanium TechLiner Grid Pen -- Tessellation LE (Tumbled)

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Length (Refill)

Titanium TechLiner Grid Pen -- Tessellation LE (Tumbled)

A USA made (patented) pen body, with titanium clip included.

Fun to fidget, the unique design allows the cap to be magnetically retained on either the tip or tail.

Finish -- Titanium with laser engraved tessellation inspired design throughout the body and cap with a hand sanded and media tumbled treatment.

Included is our distinctive and comfortable machined Grid grip pattern for those long writing sessions. Each pen is hand sanded to ensure tips and tails are matched to each body.

Made in Pearl City, Hawaii, USA

Regular 5.75" -- Our longest TechLiner variant featuring a classic pen length

Shorty 5.0" -- The perfect balance between a classic pen length and a compact footprint

Super Shorty 4.0" -- Ultra compact and easy to carry


Barrel diameter -- 3/8"
Cap diameter -- 7/16"

Regular 5.75" + Shorty 5.0"

Pilot's popular G2 refill offers the bold and vivid lines of a gel ink and is very accessible if you're out of ink and in need of a quick replacement. 

Uni-Ball's hybrid ink Jetstream (+$1.00) refill offers smooth and effortless flow, precise lines all while drying quickly to avoid smearing.

Super Shorty 4.0"

Pilot's compact G2 Mini (Pixie) format refill offers the same bold and vivid lines of the taller G2 variant.

Check out our TechLiner FAQ to learn more about refills and refill setup.


Titanium: 32 grams  

Brass and Bronze: 55 grams

Copper: 56 grams


Titanium: 25 grams

Brass and Bronze: 46 grams

Copper: 47 grams

Stainless Steel: 38 grams

Ultem (Duratron): 14 grams

Super Shorty

Titanium: 20 grams

Brass and Bronze: 40 grams

Copper: 41 grams

Stainless Steel: 33 grams

Magnetically Retained Cap

Using 3 rare earth magnets, the cap is pulled on the tip or tail with approximately 2 lbs of force. We've accomplished this with a unique custom ring magnet that fits around the tip of the refill series.

Drafting Style Tip

Our distinctive drafting style tip offers extended visibility along with additional room for technical drawing tools such as set squares, shape templates, stencils, French curves and more.

Engraved Grip

Comfortable for extended writing sessions, our non-slip grip offerings include either machined or laser engraved variants.