BoltLiner FAQ

BoltLiner and BoltLiner Parker Shorty refill compatibility list.


BoltLiner Regular
Monteverde Ceramic Rollerball W22
OHTO Ceramic Rollerball
Pilot Juice (not the Juice Up)
(removed from plastic retractable pen)
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Cavalier
Pilot G2
Ships with BoltLiner (.7mm)
Pilot G2 Pro
Pilot G6
(removed from plastic retractable pen)
Sharpie S Gel
(removed from plastic retractable pen)
UniBall Jetstream
*Tail trimming needed


BoltLiner Parker Shorty Stabilizer Size* Notes
Faber-Castell Ballpoint
S (black)
Fisher Space Pen, PR Series
L (gray)
*Fisher PR adapter is needed (included with refill)
Kaweco Soul G2
S (black)
Parker Quinkflow Ballpoint
S (black)
Pelikan Giant Ballpoint 337
S (black)
Schmidt 9000M EasyFlow
S (black)
Schmidt P900 Ballpoint
S (black)
UniBall Jetstream SXR-600
M (brown/light blue)
Unibene Parker
S (black)
Ships with BoltLiner Parker Shorty (Medium .7mm tip) 



Parker Shorty

*A single stabilizer is placed between the spring and refill to allow for greater refill compatibility.

*All BoltLiner Parker Shorty pens ship with one S (Black) stabilizer mounted to the refill inside the pen and 3 additional stabilizers S (black), M (light blue or brown) and L (gray) to be used as needed.

BoltLiner Refill Replacement

BoltLiner Pen Disassembly