Which refill do I have?

The Ti2 TechLiner is patented.

The Ti2 TechLiner Regular and Shorty lengths are designed to host multiple refills, while the TechLiner Super Shorty is designed for a single refill.  Here's a timeline of when specific refills for Regular and Shorty length pen started shipping:

  • April 2020: TechLiner Shorty length pens are offered with a choice of the UniBall™ Jetstream SXR-7 refill or Pilot's G2 BLS-G2-7 refill.
  • January 2016: TechLiner Regular and Shorty length pens ship with the UniBall™ Jetstream SXR-7 refill.
  • Prior to January 2016: TechLiner Regular and Shorty length pens were shipped with UniBall™ Signo refills (either .5mm or .7mm).  

***PLEASE NOTE***  Each refill takes a specific refill kit.  The refill kits are not interchangeable with different refills. Regular and Shorty length refill kits are offered in multiple refill options (when available.)  Super Shorty refill kits are offered with a single refill option.

Which Refill Do I have?


UniBall™ Jetstream Refills have the part# SXR-7 stamped on it.  The last number "7" in the part# refers to the tip size.  In this instance "7" = .7mm. All sizes (SXR-3, SXR-5, SXR-7, SXR-10) work with the Jetstream Regular length refill kit or the Jetstream Shorty length refill kit.


UniBall™ Signo Refills have the part# UMR-85N stamped on it.  The last number "5" in the part# refers to the tip size.  In this instance "5" = .5mm.   All sizes (UMR-81N, UMR-83N, UMR-85N, UMR-87N) work with the Signo Regular length refill kit or the Signo Shorty length refill kit.

Pilot G2

Pilot G2 refills have the part # BLS-G2-7 stamped on it. The last number "7" in the part # refers to the tip size. In this instance "7" = .7mm. All Pilot G2 (and G2 Pro) refills work with the Pilot G2 Regular length refill kit or the Pilot G2 Shorty length refill kit.

Pilot G2 Mini

[pic coming soon]

The Pilot G2 Mini refill is offered in the TechLiner Super Shorty length. Due to the compact size, this is the only refill currently offered in the Super Shorty length.

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