What if I run out of ink and I need a quick fix for my Super Shorty length TechLiner?

TechLiner Super Shorty Refill Assembly (Super Shorty 4.0")

The Super Shorty was designed to utlize the Pilot G2 Mini (Pilot's Pixie line).  All that's needed is a Pilot G2 Mini (also known as the Pilot Pixie) retractable pen from any local supply store. Please note: the G2 Mini is more challenging to find locally than the common G2 (non-mini)

"Retractable pen" is important because the spring along with the refill will be used from the G2 pen (refills alone don't include the spring).

Parts List

1.  Pilot G2 Mini ring magnet*

2.  Pilot G2 Mini spring spacer

3.  Pilot G2 Mini refill

4.  Pilot G2 Mini tail washer

5.  Tail magnet* 

*Magnets are directional.  Inserting them reversed will cause the magnetic cap to repel.  

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