What if I run out of ink and I need a quick fix for my Regular or Shorty length TechLiner?

TechLiner Jetstream to Pilot G2 locally sourced conversion (Regular and Shorty length)

All that's needed is a Pilot G2 (or G2 Pro) retractable pen from any local supply store.  "Retractable pen" is important because the spring along with the refill will be used from the G2 pen (refills alone don't include the spring).

1.  Remove the refill and spring from a retractable Pilot G2 pen

2.  Place the cap on the tail of your TechLiner and unscrew the tip (to secure the rear magnet)

3.  Remove and replace the refill

4.  Replace the o-ring (2) and front spacer (3) with the Pilot G2 spring

5.  Keep the tip magnet*, tail spacer and tail magnet* in same position (see Jetstream refill assemblies for tail spacer reference based on length)

*Magnets are directional.  Inserting them reversed will cause the magnetic cap to repel.  


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