POTMC Subscription Management


Thanks for Joining our Pen of the Month Club!

How to manage your subscription

To manage your subscription, create an account (signing up for POTMC only creates a subscription- not an account with Ti2 Design) with the same email as your subscription. Our system will recognize your subscription and allow access to subscription management.

Access your subscription management portal

After signing in, click on your account and select "My Subscriptions" under "My account"

Benefits of signing up for an account

You will be able to make the following changes to your subscription:

  • Update the total quantity of pens with your order- add pens without the need for an additional subscription/membership slot!
  • Update your payment information
  • Update your subscription address
  • Review your subscription specific order history
  • Cancel your subscription

How do I manage my subscription without an account?

Reach out to info@ti2design.com and we will assist asap (usually within 72 hours)

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