Daruma Zodiac

Steel Flame / HiTex Poker Chip Collab

Pre-order: Steel Flame Daruma Zodiac / HiTex poker chip featuring Dick Sakahara's illustrious artwork. Pre-order expected to ship in 6-8 weeks.

Pre-Order drop #1 will be at 6AM HST (9AM PST, 12PM NOON EST) and will be live for 10 mins.

Pre-Order drop #2 will be at 3PM HST (6PM PST, 9PM EST) and will be live for 10 mins.

Brought to you by Steel Flame and HiTex Gear, featuring the simple but elegant artwork of Dick Sakahara's designs, we present the Japanese influenced Daruma Zodiac poker chip collection.

Offered in titanium, brass and copper, choose from multiple finishing options including:


  • Tumbled - our classic tumbled finish highlighting natural titanium tones
  • FallOut TRD - displaying a variation of bronze, gray and black tones. Our FallOut TRD treatment offers a distinctive "battle-worn" look, unique to each chip
  • Blue Ano - anodized blue and media tumbled for a pop of natural color
  • Space Black Oreo - media tumbled, media blasted and laser colored for a unique, elegant finish
  • Green / Bronze Ano - anodized green, media tumbled then anodized bronze

Brass / Copper

  • Acid Washed - Acid washed patina treatment and media tumbled
Descriptions provided from "Japanese Zodiac Signs: Each Animal And What It Means" found at iteracnetwork.com