BoltLiner Refills

BoltLiner and BoltLiner Parker Shorty refill compatibility list.


Monteverde Ceramic Rollerball W22
OHTO Ceramic Rollerball
Pilot Juice (not the Juice Up)
(removed from plastic retractable pen)
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Cavalier
Pilot G2
Ships with BoltLiner (.7mm)
Pilot G2 Pro
Pilot G6
(removed from plastic retractable pen)
Sharpie S Gel
(removed from plastic retractable pen)
UniBall Jetstream
*Tail trimming needed


BoltLiner Parker Shorty Stabilizer Size* Notes
Faber-Castell Ballpoint
S (black)
Fisher Space Pen, PR Series
L (gray)
*Fisher PR adapter is needed (included with refill)
Kaweco Soul G2
S (black)
Parker Quinkflow Ballpoint
S (black)
Pelikan Giant Ballpoint 337
S (black)
Schmidt 9000M EasyFlow
S (black)
Schmidt P900 Ballpoint
S (black)
UniBall Jetstream SXR-600
M (brown/light blue)
Unibene Parker
S (black)
Ships with BoltLiner Parker Shorty (Medium .7mm tip) 


*A single stabilizer is placed between the spring and refill to allow for greater refill compatibility.

*All BoltLiner Parker Shorty pens ship with one (S) stabilizer mounted to the refill inside the pen and 3 additional stabilizers (S.M,L) to be used as needed.


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