Ti2 TechLiner Twist Shorty -- Acid Wash Copper

A Copper pen body for the Jetstream refill, which is included in your purchase.
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Ti2 TechLiner Twist Pen Patented

A Copper pen body for the UniBall JetStream refill (SXR refill)


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Acid Wash Copper TechLiner


TechLiner capped length is 5" 

Barrel diameter is 3/8"

Cap diameter is 7/16"

Key Features:

Magnetically retained cap -- Using 3 rare earth magnets, the cap is pulled on tip or tail with approximately 2 lbs of force.  We've accomplished this with a unique custom ring magnet that fits around the tip of the refill series.

Machined grip -- When we designed the Techliner we wanted a tactile grip surface comfortable for extended writing sessions.  The machined "twist" pattern offers a non-slip, secure grip


Clips are water-jetted and formed on custom bending jigs.  Your choice of Grade 5 Titanium or Acid Washed Phosphor Bronze Add this $10 option if you'd like us to install one on your Techliner.

G5 Titanium Ti2 Clip

PB Clip