Ti2 Sentinel S6S FallOut

The Sentinel is a "first in market" design with its dual removable ends. This allows for easy cleaning and the ability to "push through" lodged items. With functionality in mind, the Sentinel differentiates itself from the market with ergonomic fluted grip areas and a wide slot to accept rings, clips and lanyards.
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Ti2 Sentinel S6S -- FallOut Anodized Titanium Cache


Outside 0.5" x 2.75"

Internal 0.37" x 1"

Key Features:

-- Made from grade 2 titanium, strong as steel at half the weight.

-- Water tight o-ring seal design.

-- Three piece design allows access from either end.  Lodged items can be easily "pushed" through.

-- Fluted ergonomic grip areas.

-- Large ring slot can host a wide range of rings, clips, and lanyards.

-- Corrosion resistant.

-- Hollow ends to reduce weight and increase storage space

-- Modified Acme "square" threads with Higbee starts.

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