Ti2 Para-Biner PB-4 MM Zirconium

This compact Zirconium carabiner and multi-tool is perfect for your everyday carry needs.
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Ti2 Para-Biner PB-4 MM -- Made from 1/4" Zirconium. Finish: Heat Treated

The para-biner's shape is water-jetted using a high quality setting out of 1/4" thick sheets of Zirconium. Then it is CNC milled, chamfered, tumbled and given a very durable heat treated finish.

PB-4 Dimensions

1.375" x 3.125" (35mm x 76mm)

PB-4 Weights 

  • Titanium = 31 grams
  • Zirconium = 43 grams  
  • Copper = 53 grams
  • Bronze = 49 grams

Hex Wrenches in Metric.

Metric Versions

The Ti2 Para-Biner PB-4 Metric offers 4 wrench openings. Wrench Openings 13mm, 10mm, 8mm, 1/4" (bit driver)

Screw Driver / Pry Bar / Box Opener

Use to drive flat head screws, pry a staple out, or sever the tape on your latest inbound shipment.


Temporarily tie off Ti2 Para-Biner paracord rigging setups that make use of Para-Pulleys, or use to quickly lash gear to fixed reference points.


More permanently tie off Ti2 Para-Biner paracord rigging setups and bolster gate closure by using a cleat that’s integral to the lower portion of the Ti2 Para-Biner billet gate.

Open bottles

What multi-tool would be complete without the ability to open a bottle of your favorite beverage!

Made in USA