Our website automatically generates a tracking notification when we mark the order "shipped"  We generally ship orders Mon-Fri within 24 hours.  Please note some orders may take up to 5 days to ship depending on the number of orders pending.  We are a mom and pop operation and do the best we can. 

If your tracking status is "delivered," but you don't have the package ...  

  • Check with your family members and/or the pile of mail in your hallway. I have had "lots" of people contact me about a missing package that was (in fact) inside their home :) 
  • Contact your mail carrier (the actual human that delivers your mail) because going through official USPS channels will take forever. The longer you wait, the less likely they will remember your package. The USPS requires mail carriers to scan your package "at the time of delivery," so if it says "delivered" then it was delivered somewhere.. Please hold them accountable.  We assume responsibilty for the shipment up til its marked delivered.  Once the package is marked delivered we release liability. 
  • Double Check the "Ship to Address" on your order If you provide us with the wrong address we cannot guarantee delivery.
  • Check with your neighbors. Honestly it's a miracle anything arrives anywhere considering the logistics involved. If your package was misdelivered, it's probably happened before. Check with the person who had it last time :)