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Ti2 Design Pen of the Month Club Membership

Ti2 Design Pen of the Month Club Membership

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Ti2 Design Pen of the Month Club

New and unique Ti2 Design pens delivered to you.

How It Works

Every month you will receive a unique Ti2 Design pen to add to your collection or use for a gift. To keep things exciting, Pen of the Month Club pen designs (and finishing processes) are new to our pens. You'll never have to worry about receiving a pen you already have!

Please read through shipping info and our FAQ for detailed POTMC information prior to signing up.

Membership info can be found on our Subscription Management page.

We aim to ship all membership pens in the beginning of the following month. Machining time and finishing processes vary each month and impact the total time to ship.

POTMC pens ship worldwide from the United States. Conveniently enjoy a new and unique Ti2 Design pen delivered to you!


If we have any spots available, we aim to open new spots and/or vacated spots on or around the 20th of every month.

Occasionally we may open new spots throughout the month as well.

Membership fees will be billed on the 23rd of every month.

We aim to ship all POTMC orders by the beginning of the following month. Machining time and finishing processes vary each month and impact the total time to ship.

POTMC pens ship in batches rather than all at once. This allows us to ship your pen as soon as it's ready.

To manage your subscription, create an account (signing up for POTMC only creates a subscription- not an account with Ti2 Design) with the same email as your subscription. Our system will recognize your subscription and allow access to subscription management.

Access your subscription management portal

After signing in, click on your account and select "My Subscriptions" under "My account"

Benefits of signing up for an account

You will be able to make the following changes to your subscription:

  • Update the total quantity of pens with your order- add pens without the need for an additional subscription/membership slot!
  • Update your payment information
  • Update your subscription address
  • Review your subscription specific order history
  • Cancel your subscription

How do I manage my subscription without an account?

Reach out to info@ti2design.com and we will assist asap (usually within 72 hours)

See our POTMC Subscription Management page or "How do I manage my subscription above"

We aim to design, machine and finish pens in the same month that you are billed. In this case, your pen would be May's pen, shipping the end of May or beginning of June.

New POTMC members receive their first pen as the same month with the initial subscription date. For example, new subscriptions (regardless if placed on the 1st or 31st of May) will receive May's pen, shipped by the beginning of June.

Membership is limited and closes on the 23rd or when all spots fill up.

If a POTMC order has been created (and not shipped) cancellation is possible.

Order cancellation will result in membership cancellation, and you will be able to sign up again when new slots become available.

There is a $5 processing fee for POTMC orders cancelled on and between the 23rd and the 1st.

We appreciate the support from all members and will continue as long as possible.

Please understand that unforeseen circumstances may force us to pause or end POTMC membership subscriptions at any time.

If membership shows as sold out, there are no slots currently available.

Use the form below to reserve a spot and be reminded to sign up via email when slots become available. If slots are available, your reservation will be guaranteed through the 22nd.

If no reservations are available, we will notify you again the following month.

TechLiner Grid -- Scroll LE Brass (Tumbled)

September 2023

TechLiner Grid -- Green Tech Pirate LE Titanium (Acid Etched & Tumbled)

August 2023

TechLiner Grid -- Navy Blue Kraken LE Titanium (Acid Etched & Tumbled)

July 2023

TechLiner Die Cap -- Brass (Acid Washed)

June 2023

TechLiner Grid -- Astromech LE Titanium (Acid Etched)

May 2023

TechLiner Grid -- Tiki LE Copper (Tumbled)

April 2023

BoltLiner Celtic Knot -- LE Titanium (FallOut TRD)

March 2023

TechLiner Grid -- Pink Sakura LE Titanium (Burnished)

February 2023