TechLiner Setae Shorty -- Acid Washed Brass (Tumbled)
TechLiner Setae Shorty -- Acid Washed Brass (Tumbled)

TechLiner Setae Shorty -- Acid Washed Brass (Tumbled)

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Techliner Setae Shorty -- Acid Washed Brass (Tumbled)

A USA made (patented) pen body, with phosphor bronze clip included.

Fun to fidget with, the unique design allows the cap to be magnetically retained on either the tip or tail.

Finish -- Brass Shorty with machined setae grip pattern on tip, tail and cap given a acid washed treatment then tumbled.

Inspired by Carter Bond, an 8 year old who's excited in school to learn about biomimicry (design style mimicking nature to achieve a desired result). and his love for geckos. Geckos have the ability to stick to walls by taking advantage of van de Waals forces to provide attraction to a surface by utilizing tiny hairs (named setae) on their toe pads.

Without setae on our fingers, we had to find another way to create grip that felt like an attractive force. To do so, we found that a thin grooved pattern traps a (minimal) portion of your finger pad within the groove when a small amount of force is applied. We designed the grooves in a ring pattern to use the natural forces of pressing the pen on a writing surface to grab the finger pad and create the illusion of adhesion. We then dialed in the size of the grooves to ensure we maintained a comfortable feel while maximizing grip.

Brass offers a nice patina over time and with use. When receiving, this reaction will have started and offer a uniqueness to your pen.

Magnetically retained cap -- Using 3 rare earth magnets, the cap is pulled on the tip or tail with approximately 2 lbs of force. We've accomplished this with a unique custom ring magnet that fits around the tip of the refill series.

Machined grip -- When designing the TechLiner, we wanted a tactile grip surface comfortable for extended writing sessions. The machined pattern offers a non-slip, secure grip.

Choose your refill -- Options include Pilot's popular G2 gel refill or Uni-Ball's hybrid ink Jetstream SXR refill (+$1.00).

Pilot's G2 refill offers the bold and vivid lines of a gel ink and is very accessible if you're out of ink and in need of a quick replacement. 

Uni-Ball's Jetstream refill offers smooth and effortless flow while drying quickly to avoid smearing.

Check out our TechLiner FAQ to learn more about refills and refill setup. TechLiner review TechLiner review


TechLiner "Shorty" capped length -- 5.0"
Barrel diameter -- 3/8"
Cap diameter -- 7/16"