Pele Elite Green Hawaiian -- Fluted Titanium (Satin) Non-Crenelated

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Pele Elite Green Hawaiian -- Fluted Titanium (Satin) Non-Crenelated (as pictured)

Pele flashlight is a collaboration with Charles Wiggins.  Made in the USA, we machine each light from billet titanium, brass or copper and send to Charles for driver installation and testing.  This light includes a fully programmable Dragon Driver* with your choice of an Amber, Red, Green or Blue secondary light. 

The Pele features a machined billet titanium clip and runs on a single 18350 battery (not included).

Ships in 7-10 days


Titanium Fluted body with green anodized Hawaiian etching on both tip and tail.  The Pele Elite series features signature grooves surrounding each etched design for a distinct look.


Fully custom in-house machined billet Titanium clip included.


Included hard case to keep your Pele safe and secure.


3.7 volt driver
fet primary output
linear secondary output
single li-ion input only
Designed to work with the mtn mcpcb with spots for three qx-e leds (available here with leds preflowed on mcpcb) but will work with most any dual configuration you can create. 
17mm board diameter
1.6mm board thickness

Reversing options(1/2second press) as follows:
Turbo--->Strobe--->Batt Check (1-8 with 8 being full) ---> Bike Indicator Strobe

Configuration Options

1. Mode Group Select.
2. Memory Toggle.
3. Mode Order Toggle.
4. Temperature Calibration Mode.
5. Reversing Toggle.


Please see Pele Specs and Programming for more info on programming the Dragon Driver

*Dragon Driver is produced by CWF Custom Flashlights.  All Pele flashlights ship direct from Charles' warehouse in 7-10 days.


Product title

Rose red 48pcs

Product title

Rose red 48pcs

Product title

Rose red 48pcs

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