Para-Biner PB-6 SAE -- Bronze (Acid Washed)

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Created with today's "Paracord Generation" in mind, this tumbled titanium Ti2 Para-Biner would be a fantastic addition to your carry.  Ti2 Para-Biner PB-6 is jetted and milled from Bronze Alloy 614 .


Bronze acid washed with matching Grade 5 titanium anodized gate and pulleys.

SAE Version Hex Wrench openings

The Ti2 Para-Biner PB-6 SAE offers 6 wrench openings. Wrench Openings:  9/16", 1/2", 7/16", 3/8", 5/16", 1/4" (bit driver) 

Why these sizes? Here at our shop we use standard hex head fasteners everyday.  We analyzed the most commonly used sizes and incorporated them into the design.

9/16" (PB-6 and PB-4) -- Standard hex for 3/8" bolt also standard for 1/4NPT pipe fittings. 

1/2" (PB-6) -- Standard hex for 5/16" bolt  

7/16" (PB-6 and PB-4) -- Standard hex for 1/4" bolt (extra common) also standard for 1/8NPT pipe fittings. 

3/8" (PB-6) Fits some 1/4" bolt 

5/16 (PB-6 and PB-4) -- Standard hex for #12 and #10 bolt. Also common radiator hose clamp hex size. 

1/4" (PB-6 and PB-4) -- Standard hex for #8 and #6 bolt 1/4" is suitable for hex bit driving. 

Screw Driver / Pry Bar / Box Opener

Use to drive flat head screws, pry a staple out, or sever the tape on your latest inbound shipment.


Temporarily tie off Ti2 Para-Biner paracord rigging setups that make use of Para-Pulleys, or use to quickly lash gear to fixed reference points.


More permanently tie off Ti2 Para-Biner paracord rigging setups and bolster gate closure by using a cleat that’s integral to the lower portion of the Ti2 Para-Biner billet gate.

Open bottles

What multi-tool would be complete without the ability to open a bottle of your favorite beverage!

PB-6 Dimensions

1.625" x 3.75" (41mm x 95mm) 

PB-6 Weights  

  • Titanium = 62 grams  
  • Zirconium = 90 grams
  • Bronze = 98 grams  
Made in USA