Para-Biner PB-6 MM -- Titanium (FallOut)
Para-Biner PB-6 MM -- Titanium (FallOut)

Para-Biner PB-6 MM -- Titanium (FallOut)

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Para-Biner PB-6 MM -- Titanium (FallOut)

Created with today's "Paracord Generation" in mind, this tumbled titanium Ti2 Para-Biner would be a fantastic addition to your carry.  Ti2 Para-Biner PB-6 is jetted and milled from 5/16 Titanium.


Titanium given a blue / bronze anodized treatment.

Metric Version Hex Wrench openings

The Para-Biner PB-6 metric (MM) offers 6 wrench openings. Wrench openings: 14mm, 13mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, 1/4" (bit driver)

Why these sizes? Here at our shop we use standard hex head fasteners everyday.  We analyzed the most commonly used sizes and incorporated them into the design. 

Screw Driver / Pry Bar / Box Opener

Use as a flat head to drive screws, pry a staple out or sever the tape on your latest inbound shipment.


The Para-Biner PB-6 offers an integrated carabiner twin pulley system specifically designed to be used with paracord. Use a single Para-Pulley for directional change and greatly reduce friction.

Use 2 Para-Biners and create a "double tackle" scenario for a 4 to 1 mechanical advantage. 

Para-Cinch / Para-Cleat

Temporarily tie off Para-Biner paracord rigging setups that make use of Para-Pulleys, or use to quickly lash gear to fixed reference points.  

Bottle opener

What multi-tool would be complete without the ability to open a bottle of your favorite beverage!


1.625" x 3.75" (41mm x 95mm) 


Titanium = 62 grams  
Made in USA