Minimalist Wallet -- Titanium
Minimalist Wallet -- Titanium

Minimalist Wallet -- Titanium

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Minimalist Wallet -- Titanium

Choose from the following finishes:

Tumbled -- Our classic media tumbled finish to highlight the titanium.

FallOut -- Titanium finished with our popular blue / bronze anodized treatment.


The Minimalist titanium wallet is made out of 1/32" Grade 5 titanium. Why Grade 5? Also known as 6Al4V, this Titanium alloy exhibits a high modulus of elasticity which is well suited for this project. The Minimalist titanium wallet won't corrode, rust or lose its spring...  EVER!

Minimalist Design 

We jetted, bent, prototyped, then removed elements, re-designed, tested and repeated until we achieved full utility and style. 


2-3/16" x 3-1/2" x 3/8" (55mm x 90mm x 9.5mm).


Only 25 grams.