Bond-Vox HALO -- Titanium (Blasted and Tumbled)

Bond-Vox HALO -- Titanium (Blasted and Tumbled)

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Bond-Vox HALO -- Titanium (Blasted and Tumbled)

A multi-purpose and stylish EDC carabiner.  HALO is a collaboration with the esteemed knife maker, Jesper Voxnaes.


We've selected Grade 5 Alloy (6Al4V) for both the frame and gate for the titanium versions because of its incredible strength characteristics. Grade 5 has double the strength of steel with a UTS (ultimate tensile strength) of 138,000psi and at half the weight. 

Titanium is then given our popular blasted and tumbled treatment.


HALO -- Jimping

The design is a result of a multitude of ergonomic tweaks. Jimping is strategically placed for the various utilities within the design. 

Box Opener / Tape Cutter / Chisel / Prybar / Scraper

HALO -- Box Opener / Tape Cutter / Chisel / Prybar / Scraper

The HALO's stylish shape coupled with a "hollow milled" sculpted pry bar offers excellent strength for chiseling, prying and scraping.

The large key ring slot allows key rings to slide out of the way while used in different configurations and accommodates split rings, para-cord and lanyards.

Titanium Gate

The gate is an ambidextrous design allowing positive action right or left handed. Made from grade 5 titanium, it will last a lifetime.

Hex Drive 

1/4" Hex Drive -- HALO

Drive 1/4 hex bits with HALO.  Also, doubles as a lanyard tie off. 

Bottle Opener 

HALO -- Cap Lifter

HALO - Cap Lifter


1.5" x 3.5" x .25" (38mm x 89mm x 6mm) 


Titanium = 33 grams