What are some tips and best practices when disassembling your TechLiner pen?

Q: How do I protect the body from the clip when unscrewing tor screwing in the tail.

A: Unless needed, most disassembly does not require the tail to be removed. If you have a clip installed and must remove the tail, protect the body by placing a piece of paper between the body and the clip. 

Q: If I only replace the refill, are there any tricks that may help the process?

A: Yes! Place the cap on the tail to hold the tail magnet and and any metal tail spacers (if applicable) in place.

Q: Which refill is the best?

A: It's personal preference:

Pilot's G2 refill is popular and common to source locally. The Pilot refill has a very nice glide and leaves rich dark lines.

Uni-Ball's Jetstream refill leaves a consistent dark line, rolls smooth and dries very quickly. With its "hybrid" ink and twin ball system, the Jetstream offers a  great balance between a ballpoint and gel ink refill.

Q: Which refill is recommended for lefties?

A: Uni-Ball's Jetstream ink dries very quickly. If Pilot's G2 is preferred, smaller tip sizes leave less ink on paper and dry faster as a result. 

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