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Our most recent pen:
July 2021
(Ships early August 2021)
TechLiner Black Hula Damask Shorty -- Titanium (Satin)
We're excited to add our laser marked TechLiner variant back into #POTMC for this month. To do so, we started with our titanium TechLiner Shorty and gave it a satin hand sanded treatment.
From here, we gave our Damask pattern a Hula twist for a laser marked black Hula Damask finish on both the body and cap.
Material = Titanium
Finish = Hand sanded satin and laser marked black Hula Damask*
Length = Shorty (5.0")
Pen Milling = Grid
Clip = Titanium
Weight = 28 grams

*New material / process / finish

June 2021
(Ships early July 2021)
TechLiner Weave Shorty -- Titanium(Tumbled)
Our BoltLiner Pen has landed in POTMC with a unique anodized extraterrestrial green treatment! We're excited this month to offer our new BoltLiner pen to our members.
This titanium BoltLiner pen includes a machined "grid" grip pattern along with an all titanium body, tip, tail, bolt and bolt handle. After hand sanding, we gave the body, tip and tail an extraterrestrial green anodized treatment.

Green anodization requires high voltages during the anodizing process, resulting slight variations in color. Each pen has a uniqueness and character to its color.

Style = BoltLiner*
Refill = Pilot G2 mini
Material = Titanium
Finish = Hand sanded and anodized
Pen Milling = Grid
Retracted Length = Super Shorty (4.0"")
Clip = Titanium
Weight = 19 grams

*New material / process / finish

Photos by @52.and.Tuck


How It Works

Every month you will receive a unique Ti2 Design pen to add to your collection or use for a gift. To keep things exciting, Pen of the Month Club pen designs (and finishing processes) are new to our pens. You'll never have to worry about receiving a pen you already have!


All membership pens begin shipping around the first of the following month. Machining time and finishing processes vary each month and impact the total time to ship.

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Rose red 48pcs

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Rose red 48pcs

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Rose red 48pcs

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