Humble beginnings

I am a product designer and CNC machinist with a background in marketing. After design school, I worked for some largely successful marketing companies until deciding to move to Hawaii to start a family.

Through a unique series of events I began this journey after meeting the owner of a small CNC machine shop and a partnership was formed.

We've grown into our own shop and primarily focus on our own brands, Ti2 Design and HiTex Gear.


We commonly work with many semi-exotic materials including titanium, brass, copper, stainless steel and more.

Occasionally you'll find offerings in exotic materials such as mokuti, timascus and other unique materials we come across.

Distintive Core Finishing Options

Burnished Titanium

Classic semi-shiny tone

Blasted and Tumbled Titanium

Media blasted and tumbled for a deeper gray tone

Limited Release Finishing Options

Mechanical and Chemical Engraving

Unique designs and patterns created from directed removal of material from a surface

Laser Etching

Also falling to the category of etching, engraving and marking, we utilize laser systems to create a range of tones and textures on a surface.

And more!

In addition to a wide range of anodized tones, TRD, DLC and Cerakote treatments, we continue to implement new and exciting finishing options to our offerings.

Our Shop and Tools

Starting with our first Hardinge HC lathe, we've become big fans (and added a few) Milltronics mills including a pair of RW-15s, a VM2016 and HM20. We also have a few GT-27 lathes running mostly pen parts along with a 4+2 Hardinge GS 200 MSY lathe. Our trusty Takisawa lathe and Bridgeport mill round out our manual tools.

Here in Hawaii, we don't have the option for speedy service on any of our machines. We do almost all repairs and maintenance in-house, ourselves.

Our Team

Our family run business demonstrates family values at its core. In addition to myself, our team consists of an artist, a photographer, finishing and production specialists and a machine / IT tech. I'm hands-on and involved in every aspect of the business.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us,

Mike Bond

Interested in joining our team here on Oahu? Email us: