Sentinel S6M Cache -- Titanium (Blasted and Tumbled)

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Sentinel S6M Cache -- Titanium (Blasted and Tumbled)


Blasted and tumbled

Key Features:

-- Made from grade 9 titanium, strong as steel at half the weight.

-- Water tight o-ring seal design. 

-- Three piece design allows access from either end.  Lodged items can be easily "pushed" through.

-- Fluted ergonomic grip areas.

-- Large ring slot can host a wide range of rings, clips, and lanyards.

-- Corrosion resistant.

-- Hollow ends to reduce weight and increase storage space

-- Modified Acme "square" threads with Higbee starts. 


Outside 0.75" x 5.625"

Internal 0.62" x 3"

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