BoltLiner Grid Regular -- Titanium (TRD)

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BoltLiner Grid Regular-- Titanium (TRD)

A unique, USA made bolt action pen with machined grip and drafting style tip.

Finish -- Titanium BoltLiner given a TRD treatment. Utilizing a special in-house process, TRD (thermo-reactive diffusion) offers excellent wear resistance and a darker look. 

Comfortable for extended writing sessions, our unique machined "Grid" grip pattern offers a secure, non-slip grip.

Euro-style refill -- Included is Pilot's G2 "Euro-style" refill. The Pilot G2 refill is smooth, leaves a deep color and is America's #1 refill. In addition, Pilot's G2 is easy to source locally if a replacement is needed. 

The BoltLiner Regular is compatible with an assortment of Euro-style refills. Please see our BoltLiner FAQ for more information on BoltLiner refill compatibility.

Smooth action -- When designing the bolt action slot, we had several goals in mind. We needed to ensure a smooth and consistent action, include a satisfying click and add our Ti2 Design twist. To do so, we took design inspiration from the Hawaiian makau or fish hook. Not only was shape a great starting point, the makau is also a symbol of unity, strength and good fortune.

Ultra lightweight -- Weighing in at less than 22 grams, the BoltLiner pen is an ultra lightweight titanium bolt action pen. Even with it's lightweight design, the BoltLiner maintains the strength and "solid" feel of a machined pen- perfect for your every day carry!

Deeper Carry -- Included clips are machined and formed on custom bending jigs. BoltLiner pens include a Grade 5 titanium clip recessed into the the tail for a modern, deeper carry. 

Drafting style tip -- The drafting style tip offers improved visibility and additional room for drawing tools such as rulers and protractors.

Titanium Construction = 6AI-4V (grade 5) machined tip, tail, carrier, bolt and clip along with a 3AI-2.5V (grade 9) machined tubular body.

Total retracted length = 5.125"

Total length with tip extended = ~5.425"

Body diameter = .375"

Weight = 22 grams


Product title

Rose red 48pcs

Product title

Rose red 48pcs

Product title

Rose red 48pcs

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